BRT is a dream dog for a person, who is able to give it a lot of attention, love and warm. BRT feel extremely lonely without company of its beloved owner. This dogs choose the owner and they are very happy if they stay with her/him. If their owner goes away and leave the dog, has to know that, her/ his pupil can even stop eating.

The future owner of BRT has to have a big deal of common sense. This breed was created in 40s-60s of XX century for Russian Army. They meant to be intelligent, balanced, defensive, easy learning dogs, with great eyesight, hearing and smell. Of course, since than, they became much more gentle, but you still have to be consequent. This is a strong dog, rapidly reacting. Inapropriate leading can make him a „delayed ignition bomb”.

The BRT owner doesn’t have to be a fanatic sportsman, too much activity is unnecesary, especially when theyu grow up. One good walk is enough for our adult dog (when it can run ;)), and few short walks during the day. Left alone, it will sleep.

A person, who loves dogs’ sport, such as agility will be a great owner, also a person with sedate character, homeloving will be good. It’s important to give the dog a lot of attention and love. The BRT love learning and working with people. They love their whole family, and give the special care for children from the family.

BRTs mustn’t live outside, they have to live at home, with their owner. And this is not only due to their fur, which has to be properly cared of, but also the psyche.